Meeting of the President's wife Maryna Poroshenko with the leadership of the Department of education of the state of New York, New York, USA, September 21, 2016. Photo: Mykhailo Markiv / press service of President of Ukraine / DYVYS / NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE
Meeting Maryna Poroshenko with specialists in inclusive education
Keywords: diplomacy, education, group, horizontal, Maryna Poroshenko, Presidential wives
Photosession: Maryna Poroshenko meeting with the leadership of the State Department of Education in New York, 09.21.2016 (5 items)
Photosession: Ukrainian President's visit to the United States of America 18-21.09.2016 (151 items)
Category: Diplomacy, Education, People
Photo #: #31947
Location: US / New-York
Date: 21.09.2016
Author: Markiv Mikhail
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